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We keep a close eye from the ocean to the destination from the first mile of the freight's journey. The drayage process is the first and most crucial process to deliver any product from ship to shelf in a timely and satisfactory manner.




As we update with technology's innovations, refrigerated trucking is the best-utilized method to transport products and materials in need of temperature-controlled shipping. Handling not only produce, but personal care, and pharmaceuticals, we are properly equipped to protect against damage, weather conditions, and spoilage. Lengnersons Express services began with reefers and to this day still cover about 50% of import/export.

dry van


Unlike refrigerated trucking, a dry van adds cost efficiency as it also utilizes an enclosed shipping method without temperature control to protect palletized, boxed, or loose freight against debris, weather, or falling out of the trailer. It's in the company's best interest to maintain updated with clients to fulfill your import/ export needs.

dop and pick



While our logistics network and owner operators communicate to mitigate time consumption, we gain the upper hand in quickness to deliver, and retrieve loaded and un-loaded containers.

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