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     Meet The Ones Who Get It Done

Brad Lengner

Brad started loading trucks when he was young doing the regular grunt work on a daily for years until he developed higher value skills which led him to dispatch for another accumulated time, soon to be transferred into the corporate office and becoming president of the company. He arranges trips with his family, especially during the summer, taking advantage of camping, fishing, diving, and surfing along the coasts of Mexico.

Vice President
Chris Bruzza

Chris is currently the longest employee within the company starting soon after college. This was his first official job presented by his father, who also worked with the company, and Brad and Mark's father. Lengnersons Express allowed Chris to develop interpersonal skills, and communication in the workplace, and most importantly, with customers. He sees more traveling in his future and currently takes advantage to visit his son on the east coast. 

Devina Horstmann

Devina began her reputation by managing and supervising the accounts payable soon after she was honorably discharged from the military. She embraces the business-family orientation, and support, and is in it for the long haul providing her expertise. As she lived in Benicia for some time, her water sports skills were developed. This opportunity enabled her to travel to Hawaii for diving and racing.


Miguel has been with the company since 2016 and is constantly impressed by the constant efforts and collaborations the management team provides to keep him on the road. He is a soccer fanatic, both for entertainment purposes and personally on the field. He enjoys spending time with his family after a long day of hard work and doesn't think twice if the weather is perfect enough to visit the beach.


Josue only just started in August 2021 and appreciates his overall work environment within the company, and the team's problem-solving skills whenever an inconvenience may arise. He often takes small family trips to San Francisco and tries new restaurants or stays in watching a classic movie film.


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