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Our Extensive Team Allows Us To Handle Your Specific Needs

With over 30 years of experience, we've established a variety of services and skills which enabled us to develop custom-built solutions from start to finish and thus ensuring to give our customer's peace of mind.

Meet our Long Beach Team

General Manager
Mark Lengner

Mark began alongside his brother Brad loading and unloading trucks sometime during junior high-leading to a transition in the office and taking on a manager role. His goal is to maintain a team effort, and cooperation within the company. He's somewhat of a daredevil as he's keen on dirt bike riding. He tends to plan family trips for outdoor activities and has Brad join him as they maintain a close relationship.

Johnt Todd
Terminal Manager
John Todd

John began his career about 21 years ago after changing course from the construction industry. His longtime friend, Brad, introduced the opportunity to excel in the workplace and has now developed problem-solving skills and continues to think outside the box. He embraces the time he spends with his daughter and extended family visits to Tehachapi, CA.

Rene Rincon

Rene has been in the industry for about two decades now and joined the company a year ago. His charisma allows him to engage with his peers at ease and is always vigilant to assist any newcomers. He embraces the work-life balance the company provides as last-minute emergency travel has presented itself in the past. Rene spends time with local relatives or on family walks at the park.

Sergio Cuc

Sergio established a strong relationship with the company 21 years ago and has been overly grateful for how generous the team has been as they provided financial assistance for vehicle repairs. He's committed to assisting in any contribution necessary. Sergio wastes no time when the opportunity presents itself to stay active on a basketball court or a Dodgers game is at play. He also enjoys his time with family on church days or tends to vacation to Guatemala.

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